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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Surprise, surprise, the NYTimes has an article on how the gender of children may affect how the parents vote. Parents of boys tend to be more conservative, while parents of girls tent to sing to the left.

Well, duh. Boys generally do better in a conservative enviroment, where there needs are met with little difficulty because that is the statue quo. Having a girl would mean that suddenly, you're forced to acknowledge that the world hasn't become gender equal at all, and that there are lots of things that parents will have to fight for to ensure that their daughter has a fair chance. For instance, title IX becomes a blessing if Susie has the ambition and talent to go into sports, or gender discrimitation rules means that she doesn't have to put up with a lot of shit when she goes to work. Liberalism is about making life better for everyone by making everyone equal, but when boys do better with the old system, where they are priviledged, then they (and their parents) see this as a threat to their well being.

My boss at work would disagree with me, but it helps to realize that he's the last of a dying breed of men, the fat cat white guys who had all the priviledges of wealth and still have a chip on their shoulder. It makes me smile to know that in ten, fifteen years, certain things will probably be acceptable in the workplace, say, a male co-worker mentioning that his boyfriend works in the fashion industry. A lot of problems stem from the multi-generational tiered society, and that the elderly believe that they're always right, but haven't adapted to changes in the world in which they live. For instance, woman in power, the boss can't stand it, because to him it seems unnatural. And he remembers the horror of the 70's, without acknowledging the rational behind it. What horrifies me is that he demands that people pass, gays pretend to be straight, blacks act 'genteel,' with the exception of woman, who should be act as woman in the workplace -- even though until recently, feminine traits were seen as a hinderance in the work place -- becuase showing masculine traits is unseemly and offends his sense of masculinity.

He thinks that the world was better back in the fifties. Well, I'm sure that it was for him, but I don't think that the world was ever simpler. People were less aware of the problems that surronded them, and were more insulated from the rest of the planet. My generation is more likely to admit that no most of these problems aren't going to be solved in our lifetime, however, we still have to start laying down the framework if we are ever going to fix them. Nor are we likely to reduce the world into black and white -- and even the staunchist republicans and liberals from my generation are relucant to acknowledge a dichotomic system of seeing the world. His generation looks towards 'easy solutions' where we acknowledge that an easy solution cannot exist, and that perhaps there are no good paths to take.

I'm done ranting for now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Um, what am I listening to? It sounds like the news in Arabic.

Recently, I decided to try dating outside my comfort zone. Last Sunday, I met Clive, a beefcake Aussie from Perth, who half way through a drunken afternoon, decided that we had to go out. Now, Clive is not my type. If I had a type -- and I do -- it is very different from the Clives of the world. Physically, I go after guys who are tall, thin, and have messy hair. If they happen to be holding a book, I would melt into a million little pieces. Especially if the title contained the words philosophy or post-modernism. From what I've learned of Clive, he's an accountant. Could there be anything to this beyond pure sexual attraction? And am I being fair for typecasting him into the American Frat boy model?

He told me to clear my diary for Tuesday, probably before realizing that it was Valentine's Day. We made arrangements to meet on Wednesday, but then after work (got to leave on time today, would have left earlier, but I got distracted by the internet), and was going to get ready for my date when he txted me this message: Hey, how ure day been? Sorry to do this but Can we reschedule for another night? I am feeling so unbelievably average after a massive night last night. I dont think i can face going out again.. or u could just come over my place and we can chill out. Sorry again... I do want to see u!

I responded with my usual wit, charm, and proper grammar. Alas, I might have scared him off with my reasoning: as much as i'd like to chill out w/you, not so keen on the whole home thing, since i really don't know you and you could really be an ax murderer or something (ok a cute one but still).

I would have helped if you can imagine me sounding like I was written by Josh Whedon.

My question is now, why is he stalling? Am I too Oprah Winfrey and reading too much into this? I he just not that into me? Or perhaps he's just too afraid to date outside his type?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Points of Interest, or otherwise known as whining

My valentine's day does not have gay cowboys in it. I was looking forward to watching Brokeback Mountain, because I still haven't seen it yet. How did this happen? Oh yeah, I went home to Wellsville, and the left the country. Dammit.

Unless someone has flowers for me, I never want to see another bouquet carried by a guy again. Argh, do we have to rub it in? No PDA people, none of that.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I miss you Jon Stewart. If anyone would like to give me the time to read a London newspaper, please do. I feel awful that I remain somewhat up with the States via the NYTimes (all hail thee, Gray Lady!), but can not fathom to read the Independent or the Guardian, if only because I walk to work. It's hard to walk and read a newspaper at the same time. I'd look daft and would accidentally run into the Round Pond, and would either be late or have to go to work with wet feet.

Went to a cute cafe today. It has an 8 1/2 fetish. Heh, you can't say no to that. Next door to it, is a another cafe, this one is a gallery, and I've not yet gone to it, but I plan on very soon. It's an interesting area. Right now, I'm sitting in an internet cafe, called EnCrypt, where most of the cliental/decor/and everything else is Middle Eastern. Haven't tried the coffee, but I shall soon discover as to whether or not they do Mint Tea (like a mojito, only minus the rum, but just as tasty and refreshing). I think that I shall die of caffine overdoes, if not alcohol poissoning, here.

Le sigh. Why yes, it is still better than dying of a broken heart.

Saturday, February 04, 2006


I've never wanted a complicated life. I mean beyond the normal complications with work and bills and that pile of crap. So, why does life have to become interesting all of the sudden? Amusement for my blog readers (all two of you?)

I kind of hate my job, but I'm so afraid that it will take me another three weeks that I don't want to leave it. Besides, its not as if I dread going to work everyday. A real plus if one thinks about it.

It's the weather. England is overcast skies. It's not particularity warm, but it is not cold. It is the blandest weather that anyone ever dreamed of. It is boring.

It's been gray, and I went on a date last week with a guy who was cute and tall and had a to do for accent. He hasn't called back. I would like him to call back. I spent Saturday and Sunday trying to not look pathetic, but also willing my phone to ring, and praying to God who must have better things to do that answer the Bridget-Jones like desires of a young agnostic.

It would have been nice to have used it as an excuse on Friday night. I went out with the flatmates and friends, and had the unusual pleasure of playing keep away from one of them, because as soon as he cornered me he's all over me. The other friend, a cute Italian, took the other route and wasn't pushy. I kind of like him. He seems nice. But then they all try to at first.

There are five lingere shops near me on my way to work. I'm well aware that Valentines' Day is around the corner. For once it would be nice to not feel as if I'm a failure at being a human, that something is wrong with me because I'm not in a relationship. Looking at my penchant for creating drama, perhaps its for the best, because I'm not really the delicate eggshell that I think I am.

Sidenote: Itunes loves me. Or they ought to, I've bought enough from the in the past week.