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Saturday, February 04, 2006


I've never wanted a complicated life. I mean beyond the normal complications with work and bills and that pile of crap. So, why does life have to become interesting all of the sudden? Amusement for my blog readers (all two of you?)

I kind of hate my job, but I'm so afraid that it will take me another three weeks that I don't want to leave it. Besides, its not as if I dread going to work everyday. A real plus if one thinks about it.

It's the weather. England is overcast skies. It's not particularity warm, but it is not cold. It is the blandest weather that anyone ever dreamed of. It is boring.

It's been gray, and I went on a date last week with a guy who was cute and tall and had a to do for accent. He hasn't called back. I would like him to call back. I spent Saturday and Sunday trying to not look pathetic, but also willing my phone to ring, and praying to God who must have better things to do that answer the Bridget-Jones like desires of a young agnostic.

It would have been nice to have used it as an excuse on Friday night. I went out with the flatmates and friends, and had the unusual pleasure of playing keep away from one of them, because as soon as he cornered me he's all over me. The other friend, a cute Italian, took the other route and wasn't pushy. I kind of like him. He seems nice. But then they all try to at first.

There are five lingere shops near me on my way to work. I'm well aware that Valentines' Day is around the corner. For once it would be nice to not feel as if I'm a failure at being a human, that something is wrong with me because I'm not in a relationship. Looking at my penchant for creating drama, perhaps its for the best, because I'm not really the delicate eggshell that I think I am.

Sidenote: Itunes loves me. Or they ought to, I've bought enough from the in the past week.


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