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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Things that make my blood boil.

ABC has cancelled a perfectly good reality tv show about outsiders competing to win over their more "traditional" neighbors. The prooblem, it might offend part of their audience. Here's a thought: wouldn't the network execs realize that having a show where the weirdos are portrayed as nice might be offensive to some (why?) in the first place?

So, why pull the plug on a good tv show that was already filmed and ready to air? Speculation abounds that it might have meant less support for the "Chronicles of Narnia" film released into theaters last December (which some read as a Christian allegory, and by some I mean most of us). Yes, they pulled it because Disney was afraid of the powers of Robertson and the Southern Baptists (see, this is why the rest of the country dislikes/makes fun of you guys).

You can read the story here at the NYTimes.

And because I think that this is both a neat and sad story. The poor whale.


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