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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I might have found a place to stay. The awesomeness is corroded by the knowledge of half my savings going away to pay a month's rent and bond (which I will consider a special, savings account which I can muck up and will not earn any interest). The urge to find a job is getting strong, it has to be something that pays well, because I would like to travel. But do I want to sit in an office from nine to five (well, if it means that I can write for a few hours? -- YES)?

One thing which I do not want to do is work where everyone else from BUNAC is working. There's a posistion answering phones for people with questions about the Oyster cards. Since it is for twenty people, and it pays reasonably well, a few BUNACers are looking into it. Perhaps I am being snobbish here, but I have a feeling that those kids will simply end up hanging out with each other. It's easier, they all want to make friends, and they will. It will just be with the kids who are like them.

Going to an interview tomorrow. wish me luck (that's what the comment button's for)


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