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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Um, what am I listening to? It sounds like the news in Arabic.

Recently, I decided to try dating outside my comfort zone. Last Sunday, I met Clive, a beefcake Aussie from Perth, who half way through a drunken afternoon, decided that we had to go out. Now, Clive is not my type. If I had a type -- and I do -- it is very different from the Clives of the world. Physically, I go after guys who are tall, thin, and have messy hair. If they happen to be holding a book, I would melt into a million little pieces. Especially if the title contained the words philosophy or post-modernism. From what I've learned of Clive, he's an accountant. Could there be anything to this beyond pure sexual attraction? And am I being fair for typecasting him into the American Frat boy model?

He told me to clear my diary for Tuesday, probably before realizing that it was Valentine's Day. We made arrangements to meet on Wednesday, but then after work (got to leave on time today, would have left earlier, but I got distracted by the internet), and was going to get ready for my date when he txted me this message: Hey, how ure day been? Sorry to do this but Can we reschedule for another night? I am feeling so unbelievably average after a massive night last night. I dont think i can face going out again.. or u could just come over my place and we can chill out. Sorry again... I do want to see u!

I responded with my usual wit, charm, and proper grammar. Alas, I might have scared him off with my reasoning: as much as i'd like to chill out w/you, not so keen on the whole home thing, since i really don't know you and you could really be an ax murderer or something (ok a cute one but still).

I would have helped if you can imagine me sounding like I was written by Josh Whedon.

My question is now, why is he stalling? Am I too Oprah Winfrey and reading too much into this? I he just not that into me? Or perhaps he's just too afraid to date outside his type?


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