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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I miss you Jon Stewart. If anyone would like to give me the time to read a London newspaper, please do. I feel awful that I remain somewhat up with the States via the NYTimes (all hail thee, Gray Lady!), but can not fathom to read the Independent or the Guardian, if only because I walk to work. It's hard to walk and read a newspaper at the same time. I'd look daft and would accidentally run into the Round Pond, and would either be late or have to go to work with wet feet.

Went to a cute cafe today. It has an 8 1/2 fetish. Heh, you can't say no to that. Next door to it, is a another cafe, this one is a gallery, and I've not yet gone to it, but I plan on very soon. It's an interesting area. Right now, I'm sitting in an internet cafe, called EnCrypt, where most of the cliental/decor/and everything else is Middle Eastern. Haven't tried the coffee, but I shall soon discover as to whether or not they do Mint Tea (like a mojito, only minus the rum, but just as tasty and refreshing). I think that I shall die of caffine overdoes, if not alcohol poissoning, here.

Le sigh. Why yes, it is still better than dying of a broken heart.


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