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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pet Peeve number one about apartment hunting in NYC, if you're not on the lease then there's a chance that you will have absolutly no say about the apartment. You will more or less be required to change your lifestyle to fit in, and the asumption is that you will enjoy this change. If you don't like orange, and the person you're living with has decided to paint the living room bright orange, that's too bad. It's their apartment, you're just renting a room. Which means they can limit what sort of things you bring in -- the number of no meat kitchens is freaky -- your hours, whether or not you can have friends over, if you can stay in the house when you're not sleeping. etc. etc.

I also don't get the 'no kitchen' unless there isn't a kitchen, why can't i use it?

That being said, living with only guys sucks. The pair has the most annoying laugh I've ever encountered (the braying of jackasses), and the dishes sit in the sink until god knows when. They also have no design sense, but since I'm only here for the next week, I'll think that I'll survive. Now, off to the park and then to the coffee shop.


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