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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The problem with the sister

She's an attention whore.

Yesterday, we were in Banana Republic when one of the sales attendents compliments my J. Crew belt, and started telling me about how much he loved their clothes. The Sis got all huffy, and complained that she had on the more expensive shirt (a black t-shirt with a huge hot pink Ralph Lauren polo insignia on the front), as if that meant that all the attention had to be on her. Then, she whined about how she felt that she was being ignored for five minutes.

Later, we went into Best Buy, a store that she dislikes, because they "overstaff, and all anyone does is stand around, and hover." Funny, within five minutes I had three guys ask if they could help me, including one who offered assistance in the anime section (just browsing, as I noticed that Best Buy doesn't offer FLCL -- foolie coolie -- on DVD). Of course, in Best Buy there's a reason for this: I give off the I'm a geek too vibe. The Sis gives on the Lacuna Beach wannabe. And really, who's more fun to talk to, the girl who sneers at electronics, or the girl who's complaining that for a store which prides itself on having a staff of geeks, why doesn't the book section contain any graphic novels?


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