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Monday, July 31, 2006

In which I rant on something that bugs me. A lot.

People in this country do not know how to have a proper arguement. Not that people in other countries do, but once upon a time (maybe never) there was a concept of debate. Or as I like to call it arguing for fun, if not profit. This used to happen in schools when we were suppose to discuss a topic. What would happen was either people started to rip each other apart for their beliefs, or the discussion would grind to a halt because a person felt that the opposition was ripping her apart rather than her ideas.

The same thing happened in the car on the way to and from D.C. We started arguing about the War or a cousin's lifestlye. And soon it's name calling and yelling, although that could be because I'm arguing with my family and not random person from across the room. Family is always more emotional than friends or strangers, and I haven't a clue why. However, while it got intense, it was fun to play devil's advocate. Now if I could only teach my family the finer point of using your opponent's argument against them, as well as listening to the argument made, then we'd be awesome. I really should try to get a job as a pundit. I've had tons of practise.


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