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Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm sitting at home listening to Regis and Kelly, or whatever it's called now. You can almost picture how Kelly looks just by listening to her chatter. She would be perky with a big smile, and equally big eyes that are vacant.

TV personalities, have to be sort of dumb. Not all of them (my sainted Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are exceptions), but why are people who lack any internal monologues featured? They rarely say anything interesting, although tell a lot of unneccesary details about their lives. As another general rule, they rarely realise that the dribble they spew is dribble. It would be one thing if most of these presenters had, oh, a drop of introspection to them, because then they would present these trivial, inane facts as if they were solemn truths. But an ironic Kelly or Regis, or even Oprah, would be, well, weird. The world might end. People like my mom wouldn't know what to do. (She get's all her views from the View. That's frightening.)


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