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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bragging Rights

I wrote a poem yesterday. Okay, so it's really only a draft of a poem, and I'm still working on somethings. I think that it wants to be longer, but have to play around with it a bit.


The purpose of a knife is,
Using that sharp part
That blade should sink in
To flesh and slice away unity.

I am bad with knives.
I have many
My words, my looks,
My smile is a dagger.
But I only just cut myself.
These are dull weapons.

It's strange. I used to write a lot of poetry. Not all of it was crappy (it was good enough that my friends would post it as away messages, and one girl would keep asking me to send her a copy of one poem. Strangly enough, I don't have a copy of it with me, it's on Dante, my desktop back in the States), but nothing really amazing.

I've started writing poetry again. This is a small happiness, but a pleasant one.

I saw this on Making Light today:

The First Thirteen Presidents

From General George to Millard, all
Owned slaves, except for two:
Those Massachusetts liberals
John (senior) and John (Q.).
There are more, you should go look. Also check out her piece on the current cuts to funds alocated to protect NYC against terrorism. (Is the current administraton stupid? Hell yeah. My non-American friends dislike Bush, but they really don't have any idea at how bad of a President he is, at all.)


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