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Friday, May 26, 2006

First things first, it is Friday night and I am tired. A sad state for a girl to be in, huh.

There is a problem with London. A lack of burritos. Or any good Mexican food. The population tends to avoid eating with their hands if they can help it, leading to the cutting up of pizzas into small bit sized portions. Why? I don't know. Perhaps it is not genteel enough for a society which is concerned about propriety. My boss has a saying about French Provincial food, that it should not be that expensive or made with the best cuts of meat. The same goes for traditional Mexican (you know, tacos, burritos and other food which is proof of god's love for mankind), or even pizza -- it's meant to be made from left overs. If for some reason a burrito costs 11 GBP then either something is terribly amiss with the universe, the place you're getting it from sucks, or the burrito is approximatly the size of texas.

(Notice that I don't bother to exchange the price into American dollars. I'm being paid in pounds. The whole London is expensive thing: yes, London is expensive if you have to double everything because of conversion rates and blah blah blah. I live here, I make so much per hour. I'm amazed that I can get most of my meals for under five pounds, and I get change back. In the States, I'm lucky if I can find a meal that would be just over five dollars. )

I've become one of those horrible people who are addicted to Big Brother. Its not compelling television, its pure voyerism, and I keep refering to the contestents as characters (oops), but there are these little moments when its worth watching. In particular, I find Nikki enduring. I really wanted to hate her because she's the kind of girl who you just want to dislike. She showed up to the house in a playboy bunny costume, for christsakes! But out of all the contestants, she shows remarkable insight into the romantic and political tangle of the house, and is the only person who really has a sense of what's going on with everyone else. And, she's smart enough to recognize her own selfish and negative characteristics, as when discussing the boy's behaviour, realizing that she herself has acted like that in the past. Now the question is to see whether or not she'll continue to make observations without changing herself, or if she'll truly become a better person. But who knows? We might have all been fleeced.


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