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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yay manicy drugs

While I was back in the States, I visted the doctor who decided that having a constant sore throat for a month was not a good thing and put me on two antibiotics. For the past few days I have been happier than happy, exuberant at the slightest thing, and just generally manic. Yippie.

Just thought that you should know.

I watched Eurovision last night. It was ... interesting. The band that won was great, a bunch of happy monsters bouncing on stage singing some punk/pop "Hard Rock Halejulah" and were the best thing I've seen in a while. Along with the Lithuanians who sang a song called "We are the Winners of Eurovision." It was great, although the contest would have been better if everyone decided the point was either to be ironic, or the worst group out there (the french boy and friends were upset when France got points because then they were second to last which is far worse than being last).

So, yes. And no, I haven't heard back from the guy I met on the Harry Potter trip. Oh well, these things seem to happen to me a lot. As long as I hear back from Tor Books, I will be very happy indeed.


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