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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Putting my close reading skills to work


I'm using one of my flatmate's computers. Blogger's in portugues....


I have NEVER encountered such a spineless person. Okay, not spineless per se (actually, maybe spineless?), but the game of meeting ping pong is getting out of hand. I keep asking for feedback, and I get a whatever response. For instance

I Think throwing darts at the dart board will be the best method. However,
if you don't want me to see your photos or get a drink we don't have to meet,
but that is your call.

As I'm not being fair, let me put this into some context, before I had asked if he had really wanted to bother since he wasn't being very helpful with the whole planning, and I was going to have throw out dates without knowing his schedule.

I can read it two ways: the first being a negative response, and the second being a little note of encouragement.It's the "or" that makes me read more than I probably should, because the original invitation was simply look at photos. Now, not only is it "see your photos and get a drink"but "see your photos or get a drink."

So, it's not exactly "he's just not that into you" but it's not exactly ''he's not into you at all'.


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