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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I am a Fury

It's been three months and I've been more or less calm. Well, today, the passive-aggressive girl everyone has come to know and love become far less passive and just more aggressive with matters involving the kitchen and cleaning.

See, I live with seven other people. Really it's eight, but the eighth doesn't count since she's a girlfriend and DOESN'T PAY RENT (what is it with this place and sponges?). When you live with seven other people you have to make allowences, like the occasional person sleeping in the living room when you want to watch the weather in the morning, or the random party when you need space and silence. Logically another concession would be cleanliness: if there are nine people living in a small space, then it's going to be messy. Now, there's everyday messy, and then there's the lazy messy which is days of stuff wallowing in the kitchen. Guess which one is my problem, the later one.


I yelled at the Boyfriend today (not my boyfriend, but the roommate who's girlfriend is crashing with us) about just leaving his plate in the living room and the sauce pan on the stovetop while he went out for an hour. See, this might be acceptable behaviour if he wasn't a repeat offender, or if there were a reason for leaving the pan out -- either it was soaking or it was so hot that cleaning it would have damaged the pan. Neither case applied. It was simply that he made food and then decided that cleaning could be done hours later.

Again, this would work if we didn't live with a house full of people. But, as stated above, we do. As such, that means laziness can not be tolerated. Because if everyone acted as he did, you wouldn't be able to see the floor.

(Did I mention that he and his girlfriend will make dinner at 10:30 at night and then just leave all the dishes in the sink for the next day? They're Spanish, hence the eating late. But it's unpleasant for the rest of us who might want to make breakfast, or even sit down.)

Alas, I do not live with the most considerate bunch of people. Don't even get me on the smoking (would you mind asking me if I mind if you light up if you come in and I'm already sitting there reading, s'il vous plait?)


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