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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When did Malcolm Gladwell start a blog? It would be my new work obsession, except that I "don't" have time to surf the internet at work, I'm far too busy pretending to be busy for that. Just finished Blink, which has got me thinking and appreciating some of his ideas, and he writes for the New Yorker (lucky!!!).

I take books too seriously. Part of me knows that books are not definitive (nor are magazine articles, although I'm always shocked that it was some person like me who writes those things), but I tend to take things written in books seriously. Picked the habit up in school and could never get rid of it. Alas, I recently read a book by Kate Fox called Watching the English which is enjoyable, especially if you're recentlly moved to England for a bit. As American, I find the class system interesting, especially since it appears to have this weird contridiction of class not equalling money (I knew that, but it just doesn't make sense). But here's my question -- if the goal of most lower and middle middles is to try and fool everyone into believing that they are really more genteel, why do they persist in doing things that immediatly mark them as being lower middle? And would a book like Fox's make a difference? (Perhaps this is only an American thing, social climbing).

I ask because I'm seeing a guy who says, pardon when he didn't quiet catch what I was saying. Fine, except that now I know that's a lower middle thing, and I'm put off by it (associating lower middle with other things -- like social status and poorness), and I keep inventing reasons to not like him, for instance, that he doesn't bother to take notice of the time when he knows that I take the tube home and that the tube closes at midnight (or as I learned last night, just a little past). But he likes me, a lot, or he thinks that he likes me, which amounts to the same thing. Do I like him? As more than a friend? That's a good question.

Still waiting for the Aussie to call me. Oh, why wasn't I paying attention to when he said he would be back from South Africa (add that to the countries I want to visit). Will txt him Friday.

My throat hurts again. And I ate something which I probably shouldn't have today. I've decided that the best bet is to get rid of everything and throw caution and money to the win. I never want to see another turkey sandwhich again. Never ever ever.

Just because you really needed to know that.


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