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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Some of the casting for Stardust has been announced. My prediction is that this should be a lovely, lovely film as the book/illustrated novel was good but not great, but it would make a better movie anyway. The book was released in two versions: illustrated, like a comic, and just words. From what I've been told, the just words one is lacking something.

Might I say thought, that I love the casting (aintitcoolnews provides info). Claire Danes has been one of my more favorite actresses over the years, and Charlie Cox just looks like Tristan (he can also play the innocent very well, I've seen him in Casinova and Merchant of Venice and have liked what I've seen). At least Neil has confirmed that Mr. Cox will indeed be playing Tristan (yay!!!!).

Pardon me, I'll just keep bouncing around for a bit.


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