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Friday, March 03, 2006

My computer has decided to work again! Yay.

Lot has happened the past couple of weeks. At the age of 22, I'm finally figuring out the dating habits of my generation. A kiss does not mean anything, spending lots of time kissing isn't a guareentee of anything, and if he says that he wants a date with you, he still probably doesn't.

I've seen three really awesome shows. "Embers" with Jeremy Irons, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" with Kathleen Turner, and "Measure for Measure" at the Royal National Theatre (my favorite theater of all time because it's lively and the seats have leg room). Measure was def. my favorite production. It moved at a movie like pace and was well done, although I'm not sure what Lyssa would have thought about it. The production made me think about the Duke's actions, and whether or not his punishment of Angelo was fair. Not so much the end result, but the methods employed by the Duke, especially since much of the tension of the fifth act is due to the Duke's seeming as if he is on Angelo's side and then switches, and the point is to humiliate Angelo as much as it is to implicate him. But why is the Duke allowed to decieve everyone? And why is marriage considered punishment (as two of the characters are married, unwillingly, in the end)?

Stuff to think about.


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