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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rare Ould Times

Gripes and Observations

My Brazillian girls went out to a pub out in Acton to celebrate St. Patrick's day. I miss Boston, I miss St. Patrick's Day in the States where everyone knows why they're celebrating, and even if they're still getting drunk, its of a different sort. Let me put it this way: I was queuing for the bathroom and a girl asked my why Saint Patrick was famous. Now there are a few reasons, he brought Christianity to Ireland, he's Ireland's patron saint, he used the shamrock to explain the trinity. I chose to go with the most obvious. He cast the snakes out of Ireland, I said. The girl replied that I was only the third person here she had asked who knew that. I would have tried the experament myself, but it was too depressing. Although, I went one better, when people asked why I wasn't wearing a Guiness hat or badge, I replied (with a lie, although it's kind of true -- thank you Grandma Liz) that my grandmother was an O'Connor. (Also claimed that my name was Maureen, which confused the South Africans a bit). You would think the celtic jewellery would have been enough.

I think I ended up explaining to a few people that Americans celebrate St. Paddy's as a celebration of a heritage. There are a few cities which dye their rivers, people serve green beer, and if St. Patrick's falls on a Friday, most of the Arch-diocies allow their parishoners to forgo their Lenten fast to enjoy corned beef.

Trouble of one sort

One of my friends had to go to the hospital last night. She fell down the stairs and re-injured her tailbone which she had fractured four years ago. Poor thing. She's going to be all right, as there's nothing we can do but let the bone heal itself.

And the flat made a friend last night as one of our neighbors was coming in while I was waiting for the paramedics/ambulence. He was kind enough to wait around with me while I waited for them, and then stopped by today to see if my friend was all right. Sometimes the world's okay, you know.

Trouble of another kind

I'm sort of seeing two guys. One's an Aussie, he's much older than I am, an accountant for BP, and bears a passing resemblence to Matt Damon. The other is English (by way of Irish grandparents), is a computer programmer, and doesn't look like anyone except maybe a very dorky Weasley. I fancy the first, and have a passing interest in the second. Well, the second makes me laugh, and is nice, but not attractive. Except the second has an interest in me, and the first is in South Africa on holiday at the moment and I haven't heard back from him since we went out (the first also has excellent taste in movies and television -- we spent an hour discussing South Park and Family Guy). So, I'm waiting to see if the Aussie calls me back, because I can't remember when the hell he's suppose to be back from his holiday. And luckily for me the Weasley is away for the weekend.

Will keep you posted.


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