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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Another weekend almost over, and I sitting back wondering what I've accomplished. Does this happen to other people? I used to do this in school all the time when I really did have work to do over the weekend, and had actually accomplished something (such as reading half the articles assigned for me, or finishing a problem set), and I would still feel as if I've done nothing. Maybe it was because yesterday I didn't go anywhere besides Hyde Park, and yet I updated the blog, and managed to get more than halfway through Thomas Friedman's The World Is Flat in under eight hours. So, why do I feel like such a failure?

Probably the same reason why I keep waiting for people to e-mail me. I swear last week was summer camp all over again, complete with the beginnings of romance and everything. Oh, wait, I never did blog about the Harry Potter trip.

Oops, now why did I forget about that?

Long story short, I went on a tour of England based around the Harry Potter films as an excuse for seeing England. The best way to do that sort of trip, because it encourages people to be zany without being fanatic about the source material. Although the trip was arranged through BUNAC, we went through Carry On Tours, with their two awesome tour guides, Emma and Rick. If you want a special (in the short bus way) view of England, try them. You won't be bored. It was four days of Harry Potterness, drinking, and the knowledge that if, in a large crowd of people, someone was doing something stupid, that someone was a member of our group. We played quidditch, did three legged races, went to a gay bar in York, ate very good Indian food, played Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, and even saw a cave. I had lots of fun, but didn't develop my pictures yet. And on Monday, we all returned back to London, kind of happy and kind of sad, and planning on going to the next pub meet that BUNAC offered.

At least no one promised that they would write, although they kind of did. I'm waiting for more pictures to show up, and wondering if I should pester this boy who spent most of the weekend taking the mickey out of me. To be fair, I was doing the same to him.

The picture above is not by me, but by Dani, one of the girls from the trip. It is of the Cloisters of Gloucster Cathedral.


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