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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Updates and other things

I think I have an interesting idea for the NYTime's Modern Love column. Then again, who doesn't have an interesting idea for the Modern Love (anyone?).

Well see if the people in charge actually get back to my e-mail (btw -- am I the only person who thinks that that column is the perfect one for revenge?).

It's World Cup time. I just don't care. The restaurant Harlem has an American flag out (go team USA!). But really, if all the England flags and stuff just make me roll my eyes. Don't know why, I spent four years smack in the middle of Red Sox Nation which should mean that I'm able to appreciate obsessive fan bases (and are any fans as obsessed at Red Sox fans? I think not!). Anyway, I think that while everyone else is watching the world cup, I'm going to be an internet cafe today (if only my computer was able to pick up a connection at home) listening to the Red Sox, because I'm a tad home sick for baseball.

Just downloaded the new Dresden Dolls album off of iTunes. First, when did they come out with a new album. Second, they were reviewed in Entertainment Weekly (yay), and the cd was out on the wall of new releases in London. Its awesome being able to watch something grow fairly big. But Shores of California is on this album, which has been one of my favorite songs by them (it's so bouncy!).

I finished a draft of a story today. Finally. Now start on the essay that I want to write for M.L, as well as work on Fairest, which I think could turn into a really good Y.A. book, or at least a good short story if nothing else (it's a bit more my normal screw up voice too, which I like).

Speaking of the NYTimes again, I find the most e-mailed and blogged lists fascinating. The most e-mailed tend to be features (right now it appears to be parents sending things to their children), while the blogs are the meaty political stuff. Speaking of which, there's a liberal bloggers convention ?!? I suppose that this makes perfect sense, at least to me. Just thought I would want to point it out.


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