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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

He's a Labrador retriever.

The aussie is so friendly to everyone. And everytime I think we're doing something as a pair, it turns out that it was a group invitation for the whole flat (e.g., asking me what I'm doing tomorrow My power of delusion is astounding. Now, if I could only control it so that I was deluded into believing that I deserve to land a job rather than if I can. Heh.

A common theme in poetry and writing is the inabiltiy of language to correctly express a situation. The problem is two fold: the imprecise nature of language, and that there are people invovled. I wish that writers would pay more attention to how people screw up everyday meaning in conversations and encounters, and that even without complex thought or language we are all stuck with the pipedreams in our head of how we want the world to be rather than how the world actually is.


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