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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am a big fan of Project Runway, but the past few episodes have made me wonder if the show isn't misogynistic.

Kayne complains that his model won't shut up, and the next time he wants to tape her mouth shut. Jeffrey continues to raze on Angela and Laura, and mocks Laura off camera by quacking, implying that she has nothing to say and that her level of insight is that of a water fowl.

Now, Alison gets kicked off. My feeling is that the judges held her up to a high standard because she was a woman and therefore should instinctivly be a better designer for other woman. The other contestants, Kayne and Vincent, are pardoned. Why Vincent was saved, when he ignored the fact that a model had to be able to move in that dress, I don't know. Alison's laspe in judgement had more to do with limited time and materials rather than vision. Vincent showed the same laspe that he has exhibited over the past few episodes. He shows an ignorance of what looks good on women time and time again.

What I enjoyed about the first season of Project Runway was how everyone was talented and nice. Now that the show has become a franchise, they've gone the 'Real World' route of casting for conflict. All the designers are talented, but the ones that show promise as well as being great human beings (Bradley, Alison) are given the boot.


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