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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Reason why the universe wasn't intelligently designed: the horrible fact that children are born into ignorance and each generation must relearn the wealth of human knowledge again. That all the advancements of thought and idea are built upon the previous generation (which is good, because otherwise everyone would be constantly reinventing the wheel), but in the terms of ideas this is a double edged blade because while theory might have discarded some useless idea (which if I discover on my own will have to realize that so and so thought of it first) but that a child needs to re-read the great in order to comprehend the present. But that leaves little time for enjoying the present. I'm talking of course about books mostly, that focusing only on the classics means that one will probably start to sound like Harold Bloom and condemn the modern literary scene to drivel. That the wealth of human knowledge must be learned and experienced starting from the beginning and working towards the present day, building and building until we are standing upon the shoulders of giants. It would be easier if we could just have all this knowledge inside of us to begin with. Maybe.

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